The present recession, unemployment, inflation and rising living costs has lead to practically everyone falling into a confused state as to what to do to overcome the present crisis. Once confusion prevails, one starts panicking. And with this panic negativity spreads like wildfire in the air. However it is not with negativity, but with positivity that you can actually face life. So read on to find tips to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts.

1. The first thing you have to do is to take a positive outlook at life, and to devote more time for yourself. It is only if you are refreshed and constructive will you be able to overcome bleak times in life. Learn to find time for friends and family and to enjoy the company of others. Start volunteering as this is a great means of making positive use of your excess time.

2. The second tip is to educate yourself by reading newspapers and watching news so that you learn about today’s world. Though you may find lots of negative news like robberies, rape, fraud, cheats and murders in the newspapers, it is by informing yourself about all this negativity that you start fearing less.

3. If you think you can help someone overcome a negative solution by turning it into a constructive one, do so. By helping others, you help yourself. And these people you help will trust you and be there to help you if you fall into a negative situation in the future.

4. Take stock of your financial situation. If in a financial mess, build a plan to come out of it by taking your income, assets and expenditure into consideration. Remember that though the economy may be in recession, there are many other people around the world who live and suffer in worse conditions. This thought itself is enough to help you develop a positive outlook to your negative situation.

5. Surround yourself more with people who have a positive outlook to life than those with negative outlooks. Negativity is contagious; however if you have more of positive friends around you, they will be able to help you overcome the negative vibes created by negative friends.

Keep these tips in mind, and life turns out to be more positive than negative. By changing yourself, you learn to accept negativity in stride and not to let it overcome you. And most important, the future starts looking bright with positive opportunities for you to grab and make the most of them.