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From Titles to Till the End , Collection of Background music.

Title Song

Prepanchamlo entho mandhi ammayillu unna , nenu Jessie ne enduku luv chesanu?

Karthiks Biodata

First meet

Krishnudu Encourages

Watching Jessie Everyday at the gate

Jessie at Karthik's house



Ma nana adigithey , thammudu lantivadivi ani cheppestha

Karthik proposed to Jessie

Found Jessie

Karthik Invited for Lunch

Having lunch at jessie's house alleppey

Apologize to Jessie

Karthik asking for friendship

why did you like me karthik?

Karthik narrating on how he felt , at his first sight

Bye karthik

Arguing about train accident

Its a fantastic love

karthik repropose to Jessie

Jessie arguing
It was luv in Train

Did you like me?

Go for a date?

Let us be friends karthik

what you trying to prove jessie?

Dad I wanna live with
I hate you

Fight with Jessie's bro

parents arguing

Again at coffee shop

Its all over

Jessie's family moving

At church , to see Jessie's marriage

The Bridal is coming (in boat)

This is my Treat for passing mca in 1st class

Jessie going back to home

Jessies brother saw karthik

Jessies brother slaps Krishnudu

At police station ( pothey poyayi edava pranallu , alanti

ammayi kosam ichesthe pola )

Going to meet Jessie again , after frm police station

Jessie agreed that she fall in love wit karthik

At Krishnudu's house , talking abt future

Missing jessie at goa

Karthik messaging to Jessie

No reply from Jessie

Jessie's Ex-bridegrrom house

Jessie messaging to karthik abt this

Jessie's father said NO to this

Jessie Cant get to contact with karthik

Karthik I wanna come with you

Going to meet Jessie

Karthik in Jessie's house

No match between us

Karthik I have no Choice

Another year later

Karthik meets Jessie again (foreign)

Describing about jessie (wen she asks abt someone their in
his life)

Never Married Yet karthik

Jessie - the movie ends

Talking at cinema

It was my Husband and I

This is for you my """"Jessie"""

Movie ends