Important Questions


1) Discuss the state transition diagram for TCP

2) What are the limitations of buffer size?

3) Discuss briefly abt the service provided by most of the TCP/IP implementations

4) List some internet applications along with their protocol usage.


1) What is a socket address structure? Explain different socket address structures

2) Exp. how communication is performed b/w a tcp client and a tcp server using
socket api

3) Exp. in detail abt socket() funtion

4) write in detail abt following
a)bind b)listen() c)accept()


1) Write abt file locking versus record locking

2) Explain abt the three types of unix file system implementation that can be
exploited to provide a type of locking

3)Draw and explain abt the "message queue structures in the kernel"

4) Write abt the semaphore adjustment on "exit". Explain abt the importance of

5) Difference b/w pipes and message queues.

6) Explain interprocess communication. Exp it using pipes.

Note:Just Important questions not to be missed with your preparation.